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18602.01.01;МТ.01;2309710.zipВступительный тест по английскому языкуМодульный тест80Оплачен

8602.01.01;МТ.01;2- Вступительный тест по английскому языку

Choose the right verb forms:

- What are you doing?

- I __ reading a book.

  • am
What museums __ the most famous and important in London?
  • are
Which museum __ the finest English paintings and those of other countries in the world?
  • presents
I've just come back from __South.
  • the
__ 22nd November 1963 he is said to have taken a rifle into the Texas Book Depository in Dallas, where he worked, and shot President Kennedy and Governor Conally of Texas as they drove past.
  • On
__ are the two essential parts of the academic program at this university?
  • What
__ characters of Dickens's famous no­vels is this City Walk connected with?
  • What
__ did you go to see the dentist last?
  • When
__ diseases cannot be passed from person to person.
  • These
__ English won the naval battle handily, aided by some fortuitous inclement English Channel weather, and emerged as the world's strongest naval power.
  • The
__ events fill the newspapers.
  • These
__ far is it from here?
  • How
__ Ivanovs enjoyed their stay in Sochi, didn't they?
  • The
__ many people come to Sochi every year?
  • How
__ miss one of our numerous ground-breaking environmental, science or technology attractions.
  • Don't
__ of the City's activities are connected with the international world of finance?
  • Which
__ reign was one of the more constructive periods in English history.
  • Elizabeth’s
__ they have any other subjects?
  • Do
__ universities are independent.
  • Both
__ you like rainy weather?
  • Do
__British Museum Library contains about six million books.
  • The
__Cambridge University started during the 13th century and grew until today.
  • The
__Hollywood, of course, immediately comes to mind, as do the many great directors, actors, and actresses it con­tinues to attract and produce.
  • --
All societies need __ way to maintain order.
  • some
An epidemic can be declared if more __400 people per 100,000 of the population consult their GP with flu or a flu-like illness every week.
  • than
As for Christopher Wren who is now known as__, he found his fame only after his death.
  • "the architect of London"
As hungry as a__.
  • wolf
Because the young people pay for their own training it encourages employers to give __work.
  • them
Choose the right verb forms: When __ you buy the new TV set?
  • were
Did Henny __her father change his mind?
  • make
Elizabeth was __ master of political science.
  • a
Festivals and carnivals __ a good place to start.
  • are
He__ now an American citizen, isn't he?
  • is
How __you characterize the inns and taverns of Dickens?
  • can
How many seasons are there __ a year?
  • in
I don’t feel well as I’m always __, especially when the sea is a little bit rough.
  • seasick
I think it's __ better than staying at hotels.
  • much
I __ music very much.
  • like
If he cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one must __ provided.
  • be
If you feel too ill to go to the doctor's, you'll have to send __him.
  • for
If you stand in Trafalgar Square with your back to Nelson's Column, you will see a wide horizontal front in a classical style, it is__.
  • the National Gallery
I'm afraid you might __ suffering from pneumonia.
  • be
It looks like__.
  • raining
Let's hope for __ best.
  • the
My cousin __ to school every day.
  • goes
Newton's Principia is one of __ most influential works in the history of science.
  • the
Oxford and Cambridge are __ oldest and most prestigious uni­versities in Great Britain.
  • the
Pete had to stay __ home because it was very cold.
  • at
She had to stay __ home because she did not feel well.
  • at
Sochi is the most beautiful resort in the Caucasus, __ it?
  • isn't
Thank you __ coming.
  • for
The __Tower was built by William the Conqueror to protect and control the City of London
  • White
The best picture award, __ example, can significantly increase the box office earnings of the winning film
  • for
The children are __ asleep.
  • still
The doctor told him to stay __ bed.
  • in
The first thing to do is to bring the tem­perature__.
  • down
The main purpose of the academic program __ the university is to give students a sound command of basic principles.
  • at
The USA is located in the middle of __ North American continent with Canada to the north and the United Mexican States to the south.
  • the
They arrived __ the airport on time.
  • at
They have classes in major subjects __ every day.
  • ---
Unfortunately they didn't have a larger size and when I asked __my money back they refused, saying that no refunds were given on sales goods
  • for
Very soon she had __ bad fall.
  • a
We can't agree __ you on the problem.
  • with
What consumer goods __ you associate with the brands?
  • do
What does the academic program require for the degree __Bachelor of Science?
  • of
What is __ best remedy for a headache?
  • the
What is the tradition associated with __ Tower of London?
  • the
What kinds of plays __ the Royal Shakespeare Company pro­duce?
  • does
What must students complete to receive a__?
  • Diploma
What place are you looking __?
  • for
What subjects do students have during the __ high school program?
  • four-year
Where __ you living now?
  • are
Where your sister __ now?
  • is
Which are your personal favourite makes or brands __ the moment?
  • at
Why are __ British people so proud of W. Shakespeare?
  • the
Why did you have to stay at home yesterday? — Because my parents were not __ home and I had to look after my little sister.
  • at
With all this, plus more __300 sunshine days a year, it's clear that Sydney is the city with everything.
  • than
You haven't got any pain, __ you?
  • have
You know much about Sherlock Holmes's investigations, __ you?
  • don't
You'd better take a tablet of analgin __ your headache.
  • for